“You deserved all the compliments and more — I was very impressed with what you accomplished with your photography.”  BL

“… you haven't lost your keen eye for composition!  Great work, I'm going to put my cameras up for sale on Craigslist, and invest in post cards.”  CB

“Amazing…..what more can I say…..The colors, designs oh boy….wish I would have been there…what a great trip.”  KW

“Great collection, well done. Most would fare excellently in International Exhibitions in the travel category, especially those with people.”  DB

“Masterful!  Extraordinary!  Your work is mind blowing!”  SA

“My viewing pleasure indeed!  Thank you for sharing these.  Some very beautiful shots.  You must be very pleased with the results.” CC

“What a FABULOUS collection of images - I looked at everyone and loved them ALL.  You have done a beautiful job of capturing this culture I know so little about.  This body of work is so artistic and informative at the same time.  You should be most proud.  I love color and these images certainly highlight color in this foreign culture.  Thank you for sharing your BEAUTIFUL work.”  BL

“Your Morocco photography was absolutely phenomenal.  Thanks for sharing; you without question have a huge talent...” GV

“I really enjoyed seeing the lovely brilliant fall colors and waterfalls.  Your are a genius in photography.  Does the National Geographic know about you?  They would be smart to add you to their staff.”  MJ

“You have done it again!  My only regret is that you couldn't (safely) stay longer.  The pictures of the stunning and amazing birds, obviously anticipating the storm, were the greatest.” BB

“I really am enjoying your artwork, that is what I am calling it now. Some of those photos remind me of Impressionistic paintings. They are so amazing.” KW

“Tom, your presentation yesterday was wonderful and your pictures were, as expected, great.  I may never pick up my camera again.” SD

“Your travel photography is outstanding. Reminds me of National Geographic stuff!” RS

“These are by far some of the best images ever taken here for the Sheepdog Trials in 19 years. I would love to have your permission to use them for future advertisements and promotions.” ZV

“Fabulous gallery and love all the captions! Well done!” PC

“Each new grouping of pictures are more spectacular than the last —but all are spectacular.  I thoroughly enjoyed the Mongolian grouping. The reds, golds, blues of the temples and the people are beautiful. But then all your other photos of people and places are equally beautiful … Again, I thank you for sharing your talent.”  KW

“Not only are the photos magnificent, but the descriptions very educational.” BW

“Your pictures are terrific. I had no idea how upscale Outer Mongolia is as a country. Your pictures belong in the National Graphic Magazine.” RS

“Tom, I am always amazed at the quality and brilliance of your pics.”  AS

“Your photographs are amazing!” JS

“You do a great job on photography!!  Awesome pictures.” JB

“Thanks for sending your photos so that I could view them. I felt like I was looking at a National Geographic Magazine. Just beautiful (I viewed all of them).”  KW

“Hi, Tom, thank you for the beautiful photos of Natchez and our home. The shots all along the Trace are gorgeous!” VB

“We have been so much busier after I posted your pics online.  You have an amazing eye for taking pictures that not only look beautiful, but also help people to get a feel for the layout of our places.”  BV (From a client who manages a mountain resort near Blowing Rock after using Tom Carroll Photography to highlight and advertize the rental cabins on the Internet.)

“Wow Wow Wow …. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent for photo taking. The colors, the natural settings and just beautiful places in the world. …Thanks again, Tom.  You do have a true talent!”  KW

“Viewed all 150 of them and once again “magnificent” photography.  I especially liked the last one – neat!!!  Thanks for sharing.” EH

“Tom:  Superb bird shots, stunning sunsets, lots of color from Myrtle Beach, and I can't wait for my sons to see Fort Sumter and Charleston shots.  Remarkable, as always.” BB

“I took a deep breath, crossed my fingers and started on the pictures and nearly flipped because they are SO FANTASTICALLY GOOD … I am at your service when there is anything I can do for you …” BB

“I would not trade those terrific shots you saved of Ken… and I am more than thrilled that you caught him … “ BB

“OMG, Tom, you are gooooooooooood!!!”  EH

“Great pictures, Tom!!” JT

“Your colors are so rich and vibrant - absolutely beautiful photography!”  JP

“as always, beautiful”  EP

“So many (photographs) were just overwhelming and so impressive.” NWK

“Job well done.” GH

“Some very nice shots.”  JT

“Magnificent photos!” JP

“You’ve got some really nice work…”  RH

“Fantastic photos and a lot of great information…”  CC

“your wonderful photos (are) excellent”  TC