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TO PURCHASE HARDCOPY OR DIGITAL IMAGERY: Tom Carroll Photography partners with to make it easy for clients to procure directly specific photographic products.  Simply click the "Buy" button when viewing a specific image and follow the directions to select the photographic product and the associated size, specifications, delivery, and payment options.

Available products include: (1) photographic prints (in three different paper types), (2) full-resolution digital image downloads, (3) Showcase products (Canvas Gallery Wraps and Standouts) and (4) fotoflot products.  Contact me directly for reduced pricing if purchasing digital imagery in quantity.  A CD or DVD containing your selected digital images is available upon request.  Additionally, image-specific, post-processing is available upon request.

Note that in the center of the footer on each page there is an option for you to "Login" to this site and to "Create an Account" (at no cost) to access your order history, save your Shopping Cart and favorites, and check out faster in the future. 

For more information on Mpix photographic products, prices, and sizes, click on the following links: ZENFOLIO-MPIX or MPIX.

Additionally, several clients have procured other photographic image products (not available from Mpix) from Bayphoto.  For details on the Bayphoto products, sizes, and prices, click here: BAYPHOTO.

I have an account with Bayphoto.  If you are interested in a Bayphoto product, it is vastly easier for me to order it and to have it drop-shipped directly to you.  (Bayphoto requires one to download, install, navigate, and order product using their mystical, on-line ordering software.)

I have personally taken delivery of a variety of products from both Mpix and Bayphoto and have been extremely satisfied.  Both are first-class, professional photographic laboratories.  You can order photographic imagery with confidence from Mpix directly from this site or, alternatively, contact me if you want to order a product from Bayphoto.

To license digital imagery from Tom Carroll Photography, click on: LICENSE AGREEMENT FOR DIGITAL IMAGERY FROM TOM CARROLL PHOTOGRAPHY

To talk further on ordering any imagery on this site in hardcopy or digital format, please contact me directly. Many thanks for your time and for your interest in this photography.

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